Aeroplan Reduces One-Way Ticket Miles Cost

Air Canada‘s Frequent Flyer Program Aeroplan is making a change to the way Aeroplan Miles are redeemed for one-way flights, and this is good news for flyers.

Right now, one-way flights cost 67-percent of the Aeroplan Miles needed for a round trip. But starting January 1, you can fly with just half the Miles.

For example, right now a short haul flight in Canada or Continental USA cost 25,000 Aeroplan Miles, and a one-way ticket costs 17,000 Miles. But starting January 1, 2014, a one-way ticket will only cost 12,500 Aeroplan Miles.

For more information on how many Aeroplan Miles are needed for the various destinations, visit this Aeroplan Flight Rewards Site.




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