Air Canada Café Lounge at Pearson – Review

I recently had the opportunity to visit and enjoy Air Canada’s new mini-lounge, the Air Canada Café, located on the domestic section of Terminal 1 at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

I was informed of the existence of this at the check-in counter of the Air Canada business class section at the airport. I later found out that it opened just two months ago, In September.

I love lounges (my review for some of the lounges), ). They give me great wifi connections which is helpful, particularly in countries where I did not manage to get a local SIM card with or without a data package, privacy and great toilet and often shower facilities.

Of course, it also means I have missed out on the fun of visiting the various stores or just walking around and observing all the activity that are inherent to airports.

I was initially hesitant to visit the Café; I had access to the Plaza Premium Lounge which I prefer over Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge as the former has better food options.

But I thought I will try out the new Café. It was near Gate D20, almost hidden by the Starbucks.

Air Canada Cafe

It is a smaller place compared to the Maple Leaf Lounge but can host just over a hundred people. Besides, this lounge is meant (mostly?) for travelers in a hurry who could grab their sandwiches, water etc., etc., and run to their gates.

There were sandwiches, enough and more varieties of drinks (for example, jalapeno/basil infused lemonades), yogurt and granola parfait, mini-breakfast cups with grapes and boiled eggs, pastries and, get this, freshly squeezed orange juice.

One could use the coffee machine to get one wants or ask the very polite barista behind the counter to make one from those fancy looking machines.

I went for a flat white, a pastry and a ‘healthy breakfast’ of cheese, grapes and hard-boiled egg.  There was lindt chocolates which one could ask from the baristas.

Later, as lunch time closed in, I saw that some of the pastry trays were being replaced with more sandwiches.

The wifi service was good and there were enough power chargers.

And, to my pleasant surprise, the toilets’ cubicle walls were up to the ground, and not the partially covered ones which are common in North America and which I don’t like.

True to its philosophy of helping travelers grab a ‘pint and a pound’ on their way to their boarding, the Café has bags to help passengers carry their sandwiches etc., out of the lounge.

All in all, I would say it was a pleasant experience.

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