Copacabana – Great Rodizio-Style Churrascaria in Niagara Falls

Copacabana is a Rodizio-style Brazilian steakhouse (Churrascaria) in Niagara Falls.

As with all Rodizio-style restaurants, there was a large salad bar, offering warm and cold dishes, from pickled peppers and olives to rice and beans, and all were fresh. I only wish they had labelled the dishes.

The Rodizio-style offerings were great. There were different types of cuts of beef and pork, as well as chicken, sausages and even grilled pineapple.

Where it was marinated, I found the marination of the meat was mostly perfect and the cuts were grilled appropriately to make them succulent.

I liked the fact that I could mostly control the size of the cut. I generally prefer smaller cuts as that allows me to taste more meat varieties. It also gives me the feeling of enjoying the dinner, rather than just stuffing myself. Quality should triumph over quantity.

This is not my first experience with the Rodizio-style food but I was surprised to see a number of cuts grilled together with cheese.

I also thought that at times the servers were in a rush to serve and leave, instead of taking the time to explain, when necessary. May be it was the time (we went around 8 pm).

Together with a great caiprinha, this was a great dinner.

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