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Four Points by Sheraton – Miami South Beach Review – Discovering the World

Four Points by Sheraton – Miami South Beach Review

The stay at Four Points by Sheraton in Miami South Beach was for two nights.

It is located on the 43rd and Collins Avenue, just by the beach.

Four Points by Sheraton Miami Beach

Four Points by Sheraton Miami Beach


The hotel lobby looks grandiose with soft pot lights, great paintings and a cool bar on the far right.





The Room

Four Points by Sheraton Miami Beach room

Four Points by Sheraton Miami Beach room

The rooms are not as tight as some others in the area. We got a room with double beds which is nice though not really necessary. the view outside was not that spectacular.

What I really like with Sheraton, at least with this hotel, is that there were two bottles of water, free of charge. It was a nice gesture. Of course, there was also a coffee maker with coffee, powdered milk, sugar and tea.

Four Points by Sheraton Miami Beach Complimentary Water

Four Points by Sheraton Miami Beach Complimentary Water

There was also the obligatory widescreen television which was set to display programs in the correct format. I will later write a post about hotel television sets and wrong formats.

The room also came with a  safe.





Green Program

The Sheraton also runs a green program, which allows you to skip a day of house- keeping for 250 Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) points or $5.00 in credit. We opted for the credit.


This was the only meal we had at the hotel.

A sumptuous buffet is served with items including cottage cheese, eggs (scrambled eggs or you can order from the chef), different types of cheese, fruits, bread, croissants, hash browns, sausages and fresh juice (the waiter promised the orange juice was indeed fresh).

The Bar

A special mention has to be made about the bar. We each had a coupon for a welcome drink that can be anything the bar offers — wine, beer, cocktails etc — and who declines such an offer? It was a young bar-tender who had joined just three days before. A very friendly person who resembles Jason Biggs and even gave us a few free chicken wings.

Final Notes

There have been some complaints (noise etc) about this hotel, but I enjoyed the stay.

Two Challenges

The only two complaints though are that the rooms are not meant for the modern traveller with a multitude of devices that need to be charged. The rooms are old-styled and it was difficult to find electric outlets.

The second challenge was the swipe cards which seem to be have trouble retaining their codes. I had to get new cards a couple of times and each time I had to show an ID. While I agree the hotel has to ensure the safety of its guests, they never answered my question as to what will they do if I return from, say, a swim, and did not carry any ID with me. They cards lost their codes even though I kept them away from my phone or any other metal or magnetic device.

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