Hong Kong- Ho Chi Minh City – Cathay Pacific Flight

I flew from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam by Cathay Pacific late November and returned early December. Here are some of my observations of the flight.

Cathay Pacific Boeing-777-300

Cathay Pacific Boeing-777-300

I flew by Cathay Pacific Economy Class. It was a three-hour flight, and CX uses Boeing 777-ER type aircraft for this route.

I live in Canada, and am used to two-to-five hour flights within North America, so had accordingly prepared myself.

That was a mistake because I already had a hefty meal, and Cathay provided a full meal and even alcohol even though it was ‘just’ a three-hour flight. But on my way back to Hong Kong, I used up the facility.

There were two options for the meal – rice with chicken curry or fish curry, and I chose the latter. It was a warm and spicy meal. The meal was accompanied by a dessert of fresh fruits and tea-coffee. I also had a gin-and-tonic mix to go with my lunch.

CX-765/766 Meal

CX-765/766 Meal

What is more, there were even newspapers – including the venerable South China Morning Post, no less – for the passengers.

CX-765/766 Newspaper Options

CX-765/766 Newspaper Options

The service was great, with blankets provided when needed.

There were various Asian/North American TV shows, but no movies available on the in-flight entertainment system.

A three-hour flight is sufficient to watch a movie, perhaps even two so may be Cathay Pacific want to consider it in future.

All in all, it was a pleasant flight.

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