KLM Canada Launches Promotion

Thinking of a trip to the British capital, London, next year? Well, KLM Canada is offering tickets at relatively bargain prices, under $1,000.

But you will have to book by Dec. 2, 2013.

English: KLM Asia Boeing 747-400 Combi departi...

English: KLM Asia Boeing 747-400 Combi departing Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to KLM-Canada website, the rates go as low as $885 for a Montreal-London trip, $885 for a Montreal-Rome trip and a $985 for a Montreal-Dubai Trip. All fares include taxes and carrier surcharges.

The trips have to be undertaken between Jan. 01, 2013 and May 06, 2013.

There are also cheaper fares from other Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.


A week-long sample trip from Toronto to London flying out on Jan. 08, came out to be $870.

A test trial came out with $860 for Delta.

The cheapest was Icelandair, at $692, but there will be a two-hour transit in Reykjavik, and a one-hour transit on return trip. Interestingly, the cheapest Icelandair offer was for a Friday.



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