Ready for Northern Europe Trip

So, almost there, to embark on a two-week trip that will take me to Norway, Finland, Estonia and Iceland.

Even though it is four countries, most of the time I will be staying in the capitals of the respective countries. The exception will be Finland where I will be going to eastern Finland, to enjoy cottage life.

It is the first time I have used the social media to actively seek ideas. The two sites I went to are and, and as you can see, some fellow travelers have been very generous with ideas.

And I intend taking some of them.

I love the idea of walking around in European cities, where the narrow streets with old buildings make a stroll a pleasure.


In Oslo and Helsinki it will be family gatherings. I am very curious about the Finnish cottage because, from what I hear, there are no toilets. It is literally out there in the secluded areas.

In Tallinn, I will be staying one night, at the Braavo Hotel.

In Iceland, we will be staying at Edda’s Farmhouse in Hafnarfjordur, which is about ten kilometers south of capital Reykjavik.



In Oslo, I will see, for the first time in my life, an ice bar, in summer. I will also be visiting the Vigeland Sculpture Park as well as the Vikings Museum. I am interested in travel to the polar regions, so this will be an interesting trip.

A visit outside of Oslo is also planned.


In Helsinki

A visit to a Lappish restaurant, to the Espoo Island and the Bengstskar lighthouse, which is Finland’s southernmost lighthouse. Some of the trips will be by train and I am looking forward to it.



Want to taste local food (but not sheep head (Svio), blood pudding (slatur) pickled ram testicles (hrútspungar)

But there are plenty of other interesting dishes.

Of course the visit to the Hallgrimskirkja church in the capital and the Blue Lagoon.

I also plan on going on half-day trip to the south.


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