Sights and Sounds of Vegas – A Movie

I have been to the Sin City, Las Vegas, twice –the first time in 2013 and then again in Mar-April 2015. In 2013, I got to explore just the strip itself, in a typically awestruck mode of a first-timer. It was a lights’ galore with technology and the visual medium fused together to create a surreal world: a world full of happy people walking around, inside and outside of the hotels. And I don’t have to talk about the gambling and culinary scenes inside the massive hotels.

The second time I took the opportunity to venture out of the strip. Two nights I stayed just outside the strip, at the Marriott, which is located between the downtown core and the strip.

This allowed me to visit the Fremont Street in downtown. It is a tightly-contained street blocked off for traffic, except at the crossroads/intersections where traffic was allowed to pass through.

Viva Vision Light Show

Viva Vision Light Show

Among the most visible attractions of the evening is the Viva Vision Light Show, a gigantic show of modern light technology: Fifty feet wide and covering 1500 feet in length at a height of 90 feet, it comprises a staggering 12.5 million LED lights and sets the stage for all things fun happening down on Fremont Street.

The evening I went, the street glistened with lights and various performers putting on their shows to entertain the crowd, while overhead people whizzed past us in the Slotzilla Zipline, which gives the zipliners a bird’s eye view from end-to-end at dozens of feet above the ground.

There were a few stages for various music groups and as the hours went by, it appeared the crowds also were becoming more dramatic – perhaps it was the time of the day or the effects of alcohol, or a mixture of both.

Fremont Street in the Evening

Fremont Street in the Evening

One of the most interesting scenes I saw was that a number of performers were very erotically oriented. There was the man just in an underwear dancing, or the couple in leather g-strings and boots. It was indeed a sight that should not be missed.

Of course, the Fremont Street does not have the culinary options the Strip has, but then whatever is available is cheaper here.

It is quite easy to get to the Fremont Street with public transit plying the route. Well, for those who want a little bit more comfort, there is always the cab option.

Sights and Sounds of Vegas.


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