The Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto

The Plaza Premium Lounge at the Toronto Pearson International Airport is, like other similar lounges in Terminal 3, quite hidden. I had a tough time finding the location, and when I finally found it, almost missed it because a board on the outside gave the impression it was the office or lounge of the Caribbean Airlines.But I decided to look inside and then saw the board announcing it was indeed the Plaza Premium Lounge.

I did not have access through any credit card; instead I paid. It cost me just under 30 Canadian dollars, with a 20-percent discount.

The gentleman at the counter was very courteous, and so was another colleague who helped him out. She even asked whether I would like to take a look at the food before purchasing the coupons. I found it very professional. I had decided to check the Lounge anyway.

vege rice, fillets & roasted potatoesThere were two types of soups; sweet and sour fillets, vege rice and roasted potataoes. There were sandwiches and salads too. There were sauces of different types and pickled vegetable

Of course, cold drinks, desserts, and coffee and tea. coffee
And for those who like alcohol, there was beer, wine, and hard liquor, including whiskey. Perhaps the highlight was Hongkong style fish ball noodle soup. I have never had this before, but it was fresh – I had to wait for up to five minutes as the noodles were boiled in hot water before the fish balls were added. One employee told me this is the only airport lounge in Canada where this is offered. She also told me the food options changes week to week.

The lounge was designed for comfort. The seats and tables to have meals were comfortable, and there were television sets everywhere. Copies of The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star were also available along with some Chinese newspapers.

television sets In the second half of lounge, towards the large windiws that overlooked the tarmac, there were comfortable sofas. There were also electrical outlets, in case someone wanted to charge their computer etc. In addition, the wifi connection is good and there are three internet stations as well.

And yes, the toilets are clean and there are shower facilities as well. comfort

All in all, it was a it was a pleasant experience with a quiet environment.

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