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VIP Lounge at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport – Discovering the World

VIP Lounge at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport

I had the opportunity to visit Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport and its VIP Lounge on my way to the Magdalene Islands. I also visited the Lounge on my return trip.

The first visit was early evening while the return trip was early in the morning.

VIP Lounge at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport

VIP Lounge at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport


The lounge is located near Gate 29, which happened to be our Gate. They warn you that the public announcing system indicating boarding times does not work inside (to ensure quietness for the customers?) so we will have to be mindful of our own boarding times. To make it easier, just next to the reception they have installed a monitor with the boarding times.

Like some other lounges, this Lounge also has a kind of a separator as you walk in after registration.




To your right is a meeting room, which is a first for me. It is a pretty long one, and I am not sure whether one has to pre-book it. Then there are comfortable chairs, sofas and work stations, and the airport website also says the Lounge has fax, copying machine and a shredder. There were also two iPads.

VIP Lounge at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport

VIP Lounge at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport



In the center, there is a fireplace, which gives a very cosy feeling to the adventure. To the left is the food counter and more chairs, as well as the toilets.





Food at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Aiport

Evening Meal

Evening Meal





One of the best items was the availability of various pickles, smoked meat, cheeses including cottage cheese which I like a lot, and boiled eggs. During the morning, I also found Apple stew. Unfortunately, I develop allergies to apples at times, particularly if it is not well cooked, so I did not try.

There were also different types of crackers, bread butter, cereal etc. Of course, stuff for the sweet tooth as well.

During the first visit there was bean soup.

There are two coffee machines ready to dispense various types of coffees, including if you want a IMG_20140824_185028

double dose of cappuccino, café latte or just plain hot milk.


Cooled water and a number of juices were also available.

I saw a number of wines and liquor including gin, vodka, rum, Bacardi and whiskeys.

Cooled Stuff

Cooled Stuff


On my back to Toronto, I went there in the morning, and I saw notices on the tables saying fresh omelette will be made on request. Unfortunately, I saw it too late, and I saw them being taken away by nine am.

During the first trip I found Air Canada’s En Route magazines and a host of French journals. On my way back, I also found Globe and Mail and Montreal Gazette.



Final notes on Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport:

The lounge is very quiet which is great to rest or to work. I only wish they had more warm food.

Courteous staff.

When I went to the toilet, I got almost a shock as I could not locate the lever/button to flush. Then I found it, just behind where the toilet bowl lid rests on the wall.

Otherwise, it is one of the best lounge experiences I have had.

According to various reports, the lounge is run by the airport itself, and access is provided to members of various loyalty programs and airlines.

I went in as an American Express Platinum card holder which allows me to bring me an additional guest and/or two children under 18.

For a full list of eligibility, check the airport’s VIP Lounge site.

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