WestJet to Fly to Dublin; Offers Low Rate

Canada’s private carrier, WestJet, is launching a daily service to Irish capital Dublin starting next June.


English: WestJet aircraft at Edmonton Internat...

English: WestJet aircraft at Edmonton International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The daily Toronto-Dublin flight (WS 16)  will leave Toronto at 5.15 pm, and reach St. Johns, the capital of the eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador, for refueling and passenger pickup at 9.43 pm. After a 92-minute break, it will leave for Dublin, which it will reach the following morning at 7.13 am, after a flight lasting 8.45 hours.


The Dublin-Toronto flight (WS 17) will leave Dublin at 8.20 am, and reach City of St. John’s at 9.55 am.  After a 90-minute stop-over in St. Johns it will leave for Toronto, reaching its destination at 1.21 pm.  Flight duration is 8.31 hours.


The flights will operate during summer, starting from Jun. 15, 2014, till Oct. 5, 2014.


This is WestJet’s first flight across the Atlantic, and is subject to government approval. If approved, it will become a tough competition to Air Canada‘s low-cost carrier, Rouge.


A test with three Canada-based carriers for a Toronto-Dublin flight gave me the following prices.


Flight time — third week of June


  • WestJet – $886
  • Rouge – $ 1,066.

All prices include taxes and other surcharges.


I chose the cheapest flights, which in WestJet’s case was on Saturdays while in Rouge’s case on Mondays.


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